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Outfitted for the office…

 Everyone knows the saying…

“Don’t judge a book
by its cover.”

Whether you will admit it or not, our initial opinion about a person, place or thing is partially shaped by its appearance.

If the exterior of a restaurant is well kept, well lit and well designed one might assume the food is as appealing to the taste buds as the building is to the eyes.

 As a young PR practitioner trying to get my foot in the door, I try very hard to make a good first impression. Other than keeping a clean online profile (no Facebook pictures of me doing tequila shots), I also make sure I am well dressed and well groomed when I head to my internship each day and whenever I attend CPRS/IABC events.

Young PR practitioners and PR students are like books sitting on a shelf at a bookstore.
If your cover doesn’t scream “I’M WORTH READING” the shopper (potential employer) will most likely gravitate to the book that does.

I’m not saying  you have to go out and buy a new wardrobe or that you have to wake up two hours before you head out to make sure each strand of hair on your head is styled just right. What I’m trying to say is the onus is on us – students and newbies – to prove we are worth reading. Save the revealing outfits for clubbing and the Corona shirts for after work. If you want people to view you as a professional you’ve got look and act like one.

So if you have to think twice about an outfit before you head off to an interview, to your internship, etc. you should probably change.

You want potential employers/current employers to notice your innovative ideas not your inappropriate outfit.



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