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Tricks of the trade…

Last night I attended the CPRS 360 Event.
I learned a lot during the three sessions I attended, but a couple of points really stick out in my mind.

  • if you are sending a cover letter to a potential employer DO NOT address it ‘’Dear (insert person’s first name)’. Take the time to look up their full name AND the CORRECT SPELLING
  • read blogs
  • read blogs
  • read blogs
  • social media is like a buffet, if you put too much on your plate everything starts blending together and nothing tastes good afterwards
  • refrain from saying negative things about firefighters, nurses and injured employees to the media
  • NOTHING is off the record
  • learn the business, learn what it does and understand where it is going

When I started the PR program at Centennial College, I refrained from attending events like 360 because I felt I could not fit it into my schedule. (I would often head to the newsroom after school – sometimes I did overnight shifts, so I was exhausted).

My professors gave me the right tools to excel in the industry, but I’ve come to discover that events like 360 teach students things they don’t cover at school.

PR professionals can provide students with the kind of knowledge you can’t find tucked away in the pages of a textbook. Their experiences are all different and their opinions vary so everything they share with students at these events provides a unique perspective of the industry and its practices.


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