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Mr. Right isn’t available so just settle for Mr. Good Enough

J-Lo and Mr. Good Enough

I usually blog about subjects related to the Communications/PR Industry, but I came across a great article (by Sarah Thompson) that appeared in yesterday’s Globe and Mail that I had to write about.

I’m 22-years-old and marriage is at the bottom of my list of to-do’s within the next five years.

For some of my friends and co-workers, however, that is not the case.

Some will be walking down the aisle in a month or so while others are frustrated because they haven’t met Mr. Right.

My single friends have pretty high standards and are very particular about what characteristics  Mr. Right should have.

In the article, Reva Seth (author of First Comes Marriage, Modern Relationship Adive from the Wisdom of Arranged Marriages) says:

Women should seek the inverse of what Hollywood and the culture in general dictate they should expect. Don’t look for connection or expect to feel something the moment you lock eyes. That’s sexual checmistry, which fades over time. Look for shared values, even if that comes in a guy who is 5 foot 4 and suffers from halitosis.

Women, do you agree?

Should the phrase ‘tall, dark and handsome’ be deleted and replaced by ‘family-oriented, ambitious and average-looking’?

One of my friends put off dating a guy who was head over heels for her because she was waiting on something ‘better’ to come along. Unfortunately, the person she thought was a ‘better’ fit turned out to be a dud because the had nothing in common – other than the fact that they found each other physcially attractive.

She ended up with the guy who had been waiting around for her because they shared the same goals, beliefe and values – and he is pretty good guy.
She settled for her Mr. Good Enough.

I just think it’s an interesting way to look at the dating world and an interesting way to pick your mate.

Ladies, your Knight in Shining Armour may have stopped to pick up another damsel SO don’t hesitate to joust with the jester.


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Who made diamonds a girl’s best friend? A great PR campaign, that’s who!

Marilyn Monroe said:

“Men grow cold as girls grow old
And we all lose our charms in the end
But square cut or pear shaped
These rocks don’t lose their shape
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

Everyone’s favourite Hallmark holiday is just around the corner….Valentine’s Day.
I refer to Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday because it exists predominantly for commericial purposes.

Stereotypically speaking, it’s the day women love and their significant others dread.

Most times, you’ll find long line-ups at florists, Godiva stores , La Senza locations and of course jewelers.
Not every man may choose a diamond as a Valentine’s Day gift, but some will and have – or will eventually go that route.

This got me thinking about why diamonds are associated with love.
Why do we call this gem “a girl’s best friend”?

Well, I’ve got the answer.

It’s because a brilliant PR group crafted and executed a well-orchestratred PR campaign!
According to research done for diamond giant De Beers, “90 per cent of all engagement rings are purchased by young men.”

So the key message the PR team came up with:

“Diamonds are a gift of love — the larger and finer the diamond, the greater the expression of love.”

(If you’re finacee, boyfriend or husband opted for the .5 carat, apparently, he’s got to go)

The team also had to promote the idea that diamonds played a vital part in any romantic courtship.
So what did they do?
Well, movie idols (think Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) were given diamonds to use as a symbol of their unbreakable love. De Beers targeted key magazines (think People, US, HELLO, Star, etc.) and newspapaers and placed stories in them stressing the size of the rock male celebrities presented to their special ladies.
This move reinforced the link between diamonds and love.

Now, think of all the fuss the media created around the engagement ring Ben Affleck presented to Jennifer Lopez.
(By the way, it was a 6-carat radiant-shaped pink diamond from Harry Winston that reportedly cost Affleck a hefty $1.2 million).

Ben Affleck spent $1.2 million on the engagement ring he gave Jennifer Lopez

Whatever celebrity relationship (or any relationship) you decide to disect, it’s clear that DeBeers and their PR team got their message across.
Three years after the PR plan was executed, diamond sales went up 55 per cent and the PR team established that diamonds are forever.You can probably guess which theory popped up in my head while I researched this PR plan. Of course, it was the Engineering of Consent. The PR team successfully linked a product (diamonds)  to peoples’ unconscious desires (love).
Through art of manipulation, a healthy portion of the world’s population now measure their love for their special lady/man with the kind of diamond they purchase.So men, you can thank De Beers and the crafty PR team they hired when you walk into a jewelry store and feel forced to fork out more than you really wanted to.
Happy shopping!

For your viewing pleasure:

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