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Making (dollars) and cents of it all

As the end of my internship at the Ontario Science Centre approaches the search for a full-time job in the industry is also close at my heels.

I attended IABC/Toronto’s student event, Learn the Things They Don’t Teach you at School, last week and got a lot out of it.

I can’t believe there are people who show up for an interview with a hangover AND tell their potential employer that!

Apparently, the MOST uncommon thing in the world is common sense.

I digress.

The event walked junior PR practitioners, like myself, through the various steps we must take in order to succeed in the industry. There were sessions on how to create a winning resume, how to network, how to ace the interview and how to keep the job.

When looking for a job I consider several things:

  • location (how far will I have to travel to get there?)
  • parking (will I have to pay for parking, and if so, how much will it cost?)
  • corporate culture (will I fit in with the crowd?)
  • work hours (am I expected to work on the weekends? Holidays?)

…I could go on, but one thing I have trouble figuring out(and perhaps my fellow junior practitioners feel the same way) is how to handle stating much will I want to get paid (if that is up for discussion)?

My professors have told me that I should expect to make (at the very least) $35,000 a year.
BUT…what if the organization offers you $5,000 less and you really want to become a part of their team?

Is it appropriate to say
“Would we be able to negotiate?”

And then how do you say you want $5,000 more and justify that you deserve it?!?
The last thing I want to do come across as a greedy, money-hungry person.

So, how should junior PR practitioners make “cents” of these kinds of situations?


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