Jonseing for java (apps)

I have a strict morning routine (I’m sure most of you out there have a similar one):
– rinse my Strabucks Grande To Go Tumbler
– throw Tumbler onto my passenger seat
– fill up Tumbler with Americano at Starbucks
– gulp down coffee

Ever since my first year of college I have been gulping down a huge cup of joe each morning to give me a jolt – to wake me up. It’s gotten worse since then. I now consume more coffee than I do water (eek!)

Today, I came across an article in the Toronto Star that just screamed “Maricel! Read me!”

The article, by Associated Press reporter Emily Zeugner, reveals many of us have become coffee-dependent zombies is because we are living in a culture of overstimulation. Experts blame sleep deprivation on people being increasingly addicted to technology.

We are no longer staying up to catch the 11pm news (we’ve already received the breaking news alerts on our BlackBerries), or watch a re-run of Jerry Springer (we’ve already seen it on YouTube) or to fall asleep to an infomercial about some weird concoction.

We’re cutting our sleep time short to blog, e-mail, chat on MSN, Twitter and to post videos on Seesmic – basically, we spend our time in front of the computer instead of in front of the TV.

That means stakeholders  are also yawning away in front of the computer screen. 
They’re blogging about products and services, they’re posting pictures on Facebook and they’re taking part in conversations PR people should be listening in on.

This article didn’t just remind me that it’s extremely unhealthy to function on less that eight hours of sleep. It reminded that we are living in a world where discussions don’t die at the end of the work day.
Where public opinion shifts with the help of just one blog post.
Where a video posted in the wee hours of the morning can garner media attention from major outlets because websurfers have caused a stir about it.

We’re all tired because we’re online way past our bedtimes, but clearly we aren’t growing tired of this trend.



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  1. VERY well said, Mare. Thing is, I don’t need caffeine, but sometimes I wish I did. Coffee breaks just… well… break up the day. It’s so much more about an “experience” for me.

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